Selling Skills


In-house training, tailored to your needs

Our sales training courses are designed to develop the skills and understanding required to improve sales effectiveness. The courses are structured to cover the key components, from cold calling to account development.

Courses are tailored to meet your specific needs with exercises being based on your own solutions and market segment. Training can support a specific campaign, address identified skills gaps or be delivered as a complete sales academy.

Core Modules

Your in-house sales training will be tailored to your specific needs. Core modules can be selected to create the desired structure.

Sales training modules
Module Description Objectives

Introduction to selling

Ideal for people who are new to sales or haven’t had any formal sales training.

• Understand the sales role
• Understand the buying cycle
• Build strong relationships
• Identify solutions to meet clients's needs
• Formulate effective value propositions
• Gain commitment
• Ensure long-term client satisfaction

Introduction to IT sales

Ideal for people who are new to selling in the IT industry. This module focuses on the specific drivers and buying patterns for IT projects.

• Gain a general understanding of IT offerings
• Understand key IT drivers based on IT maturity
• Understand the different roles involved in a purchase decision
• Learn how to influence buying decisions
• Formulate value proposition that meet the client’s needs

Introduction to telesales

Ideal for people selling predominantly on the phone.

• Build rapport
• Conduct a professional phone conversation
• Learn when and how to probe for information
• Close the conversation with clear commitment

Face-to-face sales meetings

Ideal for people meeting clients. This module covers the following:
• The different types of meetings within the sales cycle
• Planning and conducting meetings – the roles people take
• Balancing the conversation; ensuring everyone is heard
• Keeping up momentum – actions after the meeting

• Hold effective meetings for all involved
• Focus on the best outcomes
• Learn how to work with different styles
• Develop confidence when meeting with senior people
• Identify and handle objections during the meeting
• Gain agreement for the follow-on actions (closing)

Sales pitch

The sales pitch, also called elevator pitch, is a powerful sales message that differentiate the seller and their product and conveys a convincing message in a concise and clear way.

• Identify unique selling points for your product or company
• Learn how to create a compelling sales pitch
• Learn how to present the pitch with confidence

Objection handling

Buying can be a complex situation for the buyer, so even a powerful and convincing sales message may not be sufficient. Any significant objections or concerns need to be identified, acknowledged and handled correctly.

• Identify the real objections and the causes lying beneath
• Learn how to respond to objections efficiently
• Master listening skills

Closing the deal

The sale is only completed when the buyer clearly gives a formal commitment. This module is about reducing the sales cycle by identifying necessary actions and when it is legitimate to ask for the order.

• Learn how to drive the sales process towards closing
• Learn how to identify obstacles and deal with them
• Be confident with closing the deal

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