Presentation Skills


In-house training, tailored to your needs

Having good presentation skills can play an important part in many roles. Our courses develop skills ranging from managing a webinar, providing peer-to-peer updates, pitching an idea to management through to delivering formal sales presentations to clients. Courses can be tailored to include exercises based on the real-world scenarios faced by your business.

Participants are filmed during the course, so that they can see themselves as others do, and so that they can reflect on their progress.

Core Modules

Your in-house sales training will be tailored to your specific needs. Core modules can be selected to create the desired structure.

Presentation skills modules
Module Description Objectives

Formulating key messages

Each presentation starts with preparation; the presenter selects a topic and defines the key messages they want to convey to the audience. This module teaches how to identify the most powerful messages for a presentation and how to formulate them in a clear and compelling way.

• Define the goal of the presentation
• Formulate one clear key message
• Create the structure of the presentation with additional messages

Designing a presentation

The visual aids and the content can either ruin or boost a presentation. This module shows how to use the visual aids to underline your message and not distract from it.

• Know how to use visual aids
• Decide on what to include in the visual aids
• Implement design principles that help to underline the key messages

Delivering a presentation

Being on stage, or being the focus of attention can be intimidating. This module helps participants to deal with stage fright and offers plenty of opportunities for practice. The participants receive feedback from peers and the trainer.

• Learn about body language during a presentation
• Learn how to look and feel confident
• Practice voice intonation and voice projection
• Master eye-contact with the audience
• Learn how to interact with the audience

Delivering a web-based presentation

Web-based presentations are more and more common, but there is a danger that participants can disengage. This module focuses on how to make web-delivery interesting and engaging.

• Understand the preparation required for a web-based presentation
• Learn specific tools, techniques and presentation structure
• Learn how to interact with the audience and how to maintain interest

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