Negotiation Skills


In-house training, tailored to your needs

Our training course will provide you with the tools and techniques that give you more control in negotiations to significantly improve negotiation outcomes.

The training can be tailored to the specific needs of your team. It is highly interactive and designed to allow you to apply the skills learned to your own environment straight away.

Core Modules

Your in-house sales training will be tailored to your specific needs. Core modules can be selected to create the desired structure.

Negotiation skills modules
Module Description Objectives

Preparing for a negotiation

The key to a successful negotiation is to start with good preparation. Formulating your Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) is an essential step to the preparation, as it helps you maintain control and permits considerable flexibility and room for innovation during the process.

• Learn what information to gather
• Differentiate between interests and positions
• Learn how to prioritize your own interests
• Define your walk-away point
• Understand how to define and apply BATNA

Creating options

The success of a negotiation also depends on the creativity of the participants when it comes to creating various options and scenarios to reach an agreement.

• Learn how to create options
• Learn how to help the other party to create options
• Learn how to recognise the other party’s interests
• Learn how to differentiate the other party’s interest from their positions

Practicing negotiations

In this module the participants practice a negotiation scenario, followed by feedback from peers and the trainer.

• Negotiate with another participant based on a real life scenario
• Receive constructive feedback from peers and the trainer

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