Atrium Training Courses

Our taining courses are designed to improve individual productivity, team performance and management skills.

Courses are tailored by using scenarios and excercises that are directly relevant to your company - based on proven training modules and approach.

All courses and workshops are highly intereactive - incorporating a balance of class work, individua and group exercises and role-plays.

Our Approach

All our training programmes start by developing a clear understanding of your specific goals and how the change in behaviour can be measured. A course schedule is then developed taking into acount any specific requirements such as location, duration, language and delivery mechanisms.

Courses are based on proven modules that are then tailored to be directly relevant to your needs.

Course Delivery

Courses are designed to improve:
• Knowledge – the specific facts to support the course
• Understanding – be able to use key concepts and know how they apply to the specific topics
• Skill – the practical application of knowledge and understanding to enable the desired change or improvement

We acheive this using a blend of class work, individual and group exercises, roles plays and recoreded sessions to provide feedback.

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