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Sales Training Courses

In-house training is a great way to ensure that your team's skill sets are aligned to your business objectives. In-house training is cost effective, can be delivered at your chosen location on dates that suit you. Where there are multiple teams, you can be sure that they recieve the same training experience whether delivered on different dates, locations or even different languages.

We create bespoke sales training programmes based around our core modules. The structure of the course will meet your specific goals, and the exercises can be based on your company's messages, market or even be tailored to support a specific campaign. Follow the links below for more detail:

Sales Skills

Presentation Skills

Negotiation Skills

Training Structure

All training modules are highly interactive, with up to 70% of the time being spent on various types of exercises. The training methods used include:

•  scenarios
•  role plays
•  case studies
•  individual and group exercises
•  group discussion,
•  presentations delivered by the participants
•  feedback from both peers and trainers

Discussions are highly encouraged with great focus on peer-to-peer learning supervised by experienced trainers.

Bespoke Course Development

Needs analysis: This guided discussion is based on a questionnaire aimed to understand the company culture and to tailor the training to the needs of the group.

Preparation: Based on the needs analysis, we will develop case studies, scenarios and exercises that are relevant for your organisation and further tailor the course content.

Logistics: We can take care of venue (or deliver at your site), invitations, catering and overall organisation.

Delivery: In most cases the training will be structured around core modules. This means that the training can be delivered in short, meaningful sessions - minimising any disruption to your day-to-day business activities.

Post-delivery: Delivering excellent training services ensures long-lasting results. That is why it is important to have a follow-up 1-2 months after the training. The form of the follow-up depends on the type of the training and it can include:

•  sales role play over the phone with the trainer
•  accompanying the participants to a sales meeting
•  mentoring or coaching sessions

Further Enquiries

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